At 550 lbs displacement and a 70 horsepower motor, this boat's hp to weight ratio was unmatched. Compared to other bigger and smaller whalers, the 15 ft whaler was fast and agile.



Advertised specifications 



Hull  Length               15    feet 3 inches
 Hull                            5    feet 8 inches 
 Hull Draft                   8     inches (with engine tilted clear of water)
 Deadrise Angle                  degrees 
 Weight                    500    pounds
 Swamped Capacity  1600   pounds
 Persons Capacity         5    people


 Maximum Horsepower               70 HP 
 Minimum Horsepower                20 HP 

 Recommended Shaft Length       20 inch 
 Fuel Capacity                            portable tanks

5 models made from 1976 to 1990.

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