Produced from 1978 to 1985

"A dramatic new modified-vee hull design that gives you all of the advantages of a smooth, soft, dry ride without sacrificing our famous stability." (from early BW advertisement)


We have measured and weighed 2 examples of the original V-20. Results to come.

Advertised specifications 



Hull  Length              19     feet 10 inches
 Hull                            7     feet 4 inches 
 Hull Draft                  11     inches (with engine tilted clear of water)
 Deadrise Angle          10.5  degrees (measured photographically)
 Weight                   1500    pounds (later 1650 pounds, 1981 - 1985)
 Swamped Capacity  4000    pounds
 Persons Capacity         7   people (later 10 people)


 Maximum Horsepower              180-HP 
 Minimum Horsepower                85-HP 

 Recommended Shaft Length       25 inch single engine or 20 inch dual engine
 Fuel Capacity                            65 gallon plastic tank or 63 gallon aluminum
                                                  tank in accessible center deck cavity

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