1987 Sport with keel, rub rail and bow eye damage. Initial weight with motor bracket still attached but without  seats, rails or rubrail insert was 768.5 pounds

The plan is to

strip interior,

flip hull,

weigh hull,

remove through hulls, bow eye, stern eyes,  motor bracket

clean out all holes to fresh core/wood,

compound, polish and wax hull,

use heat lamps, fan and dehumidier to dry core while weighing hull

patch keel damage,

repair bow eye damage,

flip back up,

drill, dry and fill interior holes,

compound, polish and wax interior,

sand, epoxy seal and varnish wood interior,

reinstall interior,

mount engine, battery and tank,

launch for sea trials.


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Dec 26, 2015
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Track my progress summary here.
Date   Hours Project Comment Weight
12-15   8 transport from IL to MI    
12-17   2 switch trailers   768.5
12-18   2 ​lift and flip hull   761.5
12-24   1 test gelcoat spot with 600 grit, compound, polish and wax  Removed paint off small spot on hull to verify gelcoat.  Looks great! 759.1
1-3   1 Remove motor bracket off stern and cleaned holes 27.5 lbs of steel removed 731.6
1-3   1 Start 2 150 watt heat lamps under and 2 lamps over the keel damage   731.6
1-26   3 Fill hole with epoxy/light weight filler mix  (about 8 oz of mixture)   725.5


This is the intended interior.
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