Recent pics of Pebbles above.

Here is a new Pebbles  graphic for port and starboard hull aft created by the fine folks at

Award and Sport of Saginaw, MI aka "Will". Thanks

                                               Completed Projects

Pebble projects 2 year plan
After 41 years of age, neglect and abuse, this museum piece will take time to bring back. However the bones of the sloop Pebbles appear well preserved. The Excel workbook has separate sheet for safety pre delivery, engine, cosmetic and comfort projects.
Pebbles project lists for October 2016 t[...]
Microsoft Excel sheet [19.7 KB]

We tried to come up with a fun name that relates to dinosaurs. This boat with it's 41 year old condition is like digging up old dinosaur bones and trying to recreate an extinct species. Remember 41 years of age, neglect and abuse.  So the documentation papers have been submitted with "Pebbles" as her new name.











Offered in 2 and 3 cabin versions. Pebbles is the 2 cabin model with the large engine room.

After 24 months on the hard, the engine, starter and alternator were literally frozen in layers of internal and external corrosion.
The Perkins 4-154 got a new oil filter & oil change, new fuel filter, new starter, fresh diesel and the magic of multiple fogging oil/seafoam cocktails. Next for the engine is a new raw water filter and hose, new temperature and pressure gauges and new primary fuel filter. Here is a video of the engine starting on first crank. Also the Borg Warner Velvet Drive transmission and gear box will get fresh hydraulic fluid and a temperature sender/gauge.
MP4 video/audio file [22.1 MB]


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